Digital manifestation of my physical self

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Journey

"I travel not to reach somewhere but to get to know myself"

I have embarked on this remarkable journey, again. It all started about 8 years back in the small town of Trivandrum, Kerala. I got my hands on a small book called "The dancing Wu-Lii masters". I was an ardent reader and I would read anything that could be read. I just did not have enough money to buy lot of books. A friend of mine lend me this wonderful book as my last mystery thriller was over and I asked everyone for any books. Her grandfather was a physicist and used to read this. I was fascinated by the book, by anomalies in Quantum physics, by Einstein and his theories. I was amazed by these simple unexplanable facts of physics
1. Bells Theorem, proof of ERP (Einstein, Rosen, Podolsky) effect - Imagine, two particles, which were once together maybe seperated large distances, across the globe and still when spin of one is changed the other one instantly changes spin. Who tells this particle that its twin has been changed.
2. Dual Particle nature of light - Light can act as a particle and a wave, we all know that. Imagine, the very act of you observing makes it act as a particle. Observer changes reality. (read my other article "Each Soul has the potential of being divine")

I was indeed spellbound with the fact that if the world was as described by atomic physics, why did anyone not tell me so earlier.

Most of the people in this world like to live in a material world worrying about day to day life. It is said "Ignorance is bliss". Indeed. What should I say about anyone else, I forgot all about my thoughts and wonders of the world to start living a very normal successful life. Got to a different country, joined a very reputed firm, Accenture. Started working towards my career, marriage, bought a nice big house, an expensive second car. Until recently when my mind woke up. I was reading about some new age saints, Deepak Chopra and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. They referred to Quantum physics for some answers in a chat transcript and all came back to me.

I am very delighted and happy that I did not loose any more than four or five years. This is what Hindu's call 'Maya-Moh', the desires and attachment to the material world. It is said, this blinds all. Very true. In Trivandrum, I was mad at the world that no one ever told me about the wonders of particle physics, about "Spooky action at a distance" phenomena observed by Einstein.

Now, should I be mad at myself for not telling myself something I knew for the last 4 years?

Thus came 'My digital Manifestation of my physical self"

- Shantanu Nigam


Swami Vivekananda said - "Each soul is potentially divine"

Just like each electron is potentially a particle or a wave. It is the observer (the act of observation) that determines its state. Similarly for each soul the observer, which is all the people you interact with determine its divine(ss).

Shantanu Nigam